[Qgis-developer] Bug in QGIS 1.7 raster? Changing transparency values set the 3 RGB bands to band 1?

benoit-3 at bc-consult.com benoit-3 at bc-consult.com
Thu Jan 20 16:08:40 EST 2011

Hi Devs, 

With QGIS 1.7 release r15056 on WinXP Pro. 

I have a
three-band raster (geotiff) loaded and it displays all-right. Then I
open the raster properties window, go to the transparency tab, slide the
transparency ruler and click Apply. The transparency is applied to the
raster but the three bands (R,G,B) are all set to band 1 resulting in a
black&white (grey) raster! 

The same behaviour is observed when I add a
transparent pixel and click Apply... 

Can someone confirm these


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