Re: [Qgis-developer] A roadmap to QGIS 2.0

Sergey Yakushev yakushevs at
Sat Jan 22 17:00:18 EST 2011

Hi, All.

This roadmap for integration RoadGraph plugin in to QGIS:

> Release Checklist 1.7 - Not yet named 	1 April 2011
Plugin have advanced export tool. Plugin can find shortest path on polygon layer (eg, the chip move on water)

> Release Checklist 1.8 - Not yet named 	1 July 2011 		
Сonstructing graph part is stable and moved to analysis/vector library.
Python plugin developers can use NetworkX ( ), C++ plugin developer can use boost graph library ( ).

For demo I write simple plugin. This plugin can be find мinimum spanning tree.

> Release Checklist 2.0 - Not yet named 	1 September 2010 		
Мany tools for network analysis and visualisation.

RoadGraph plugin is a simple and user-friendly plugin for routing. On all steps. 

I think it is optimal and really roadmap. Please comment...

С уважением Якушев Сергей yakushevs at

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