[Qgis-developer] Icons disappearing when opening attribute table

Ivan Mincik ivan.mincik at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 16:25:23 EST 2011

Hi can anybody confirm following behavior ?

Would You please configure Your QGIS to "Open attribute table in dock
window", load this example data [1] and choose Layer -> Open Attribute
Table ?

In my case attribute table window is opened with blank buttons without
any icons. Icons will appear when moving mouse cursor over. The same I
can reproduce when resizing attribute table window. It seems that this
behavior occurs when some bigger shapefile with longer rendering time
(> 5 seconds) is loaded. When using attribute table in separate window
(not in dock window), icons are loaded correctly.

Software details:
OS: Debian Squeeze - Gnome, standard Clearlooks theme using Clearlooks buttons
QGIS: Trunk (I remember this behavior for versions in last few weeks)

If somebody can confirm, I will open ticket.
Thanks, Ivan

[1] - http://gista.sk/home/ivo/dl/qgis_demodata.tar.gz

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