[Qgis-developer] howto set FillStyle noBrush with new rendererV2?

Nico Hardebol - CITG N.J.Hardebol at tudelft.nl
Fri Jun 22 08:47:00 PDT 2012

Dear developers,

Along with other major changes in fracture software that we design with using the QGIS API, we decided to switch to the master API  1.8/1.9.

Using the python interface, given that self.DigiSurfaceDataLayer.isUsingRendererV2() is True and with self.DigiSurfaceDataLayer.rendererV2().symbol() of type QgsSingleSymbolRendererV2:

how do I set FillStyle and LineWidth?

Previously with the old renderer I could do:
DigiSurfDataLayerSymbol = self.DigiSurfaceDataLayer.renderer().symbol()
DigiSurfDataLayerSymbol.setFillStyle( QtCore.Qt.NoBrush  )
DigiSurfDataLayerSymbol.setLineWidth( 1.0 )

With the new SymbolV2:
* Should I use createSimple() function?
* It asks for a QgsStringMap<http://qgis.org/api/qgsrendererv2_8h.html#ab13d4e9821da606b92748097c691b9dd>/QMap? How do I fill this? With what keys?

Kind regards, Nico

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