[Qgis-developer] a few questions on qgis server/wfs

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Hi giovanni,

I will answer in thé mail core

Le 29 juin 2012 18:27, "Giovanni Manghi" <giovanni.manghi at faunalia.pt> a
écrit :
> Hi all,
> I have set up a fair large project to be used to serve wfs layers with
> qgis server.
> I'm noticing a few things and I would like to have feedback to
> understand if are local issues or not.
> *) the layer list in the qgis client is presented in reverse alphabetic

I didn't use an order toi présente thé list

> *) if in the "display name" attribute of a layer there are chars like
"/", ":", "-", then the qgis wfs client
> fails to download correctly such layers. Is this a standard problem that
does not
> allow such chars?

In WFS, the layer name and attribute name is used to set GML element name.
The layer name and attribute name has to respect XML élément naming.

> No problems with such chars in the "title" and "abstract" fields of the
"metadata" tab.

These informations are in the content of GML element.

> *) I noticed that a particular wfs layer was apparently loaded correctly
with the qgis client
> but then I discovered it had an empty table of attributes. Looking into
the table of the original vector
> (postgis) I discovered that a column name had garbled title because of
some kind of encoding issue (probably
> coming from the original shapefile rather then a import problem into
postgis). I fixed the title
> and the layer loaded correctly as wfs layer.

The attribute name has to respect the XML element naming.

> Thanks in advance

Thanks for your feed back.

I probably have to add some code to automatically change layer and
attribute naming ?


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