[Qgis-developer] Bicycle Network Analysis paper done using QGIS and SQLite

maaza mekuria sailmcm at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 10 18:49:03 EST 2012

Dear QGIS Developers:
I have been working on a paper for the last year and half. I have been developing QGIS tools as part of the process. I have now completed my paper. It is on bicycle network modeling, and it can be downloaded from the following link http://www.axumcorp.com/SanJose_Bike_Connectivity_final_report.pdf (Most of analysis and all of the images were done in QGIS). It was a very intense work. 

I do not know how to share the plugins I worked on but I will be delighted to have someone else use them. Most of the routines are specifically written for the project. You may check out the document and see if it may benefit another person. Or perhaps another can modify it for their use.

I owe a lot of debt to the user interface of Roadgraph and am grateful for some details on project management, etc. I learned a lot from Sergey Yakushev's work. 

Similar to Sergey's work, the plugin uses a shortest path routine (Vertex Voronoi in an edge network). I could not adopt Sergey's shortest path routine, primarily because my data set was completely different (even though it is produced from a line-string original dataset), and the result is similar but also different. I used vertex and edge attribute details in the course of finding a path. The edge and vertex network was classified with extra attributes instead of just travel metrics. Sergey's work is very elegant. Mine is not. 

I am thankful to all of you working on this product. It has been very useful for my work. Read the document if you can.

I have many times needed help ( I cried and moaned and wept tears of sorrow and laughter) and many of you lent hands and again I say thank you,



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> Hi all,
> there are many QGIS plugins, most of them are Python plugins
> and several
> C++ ones. But some plugins may require 3rd party binaries
> and/or shared
> libraries (like Lizmap plugin). Some developers may want to
> include this
> required binaries into plugin package or even include
> sources, so users
> should compile them before using plugin.
> I think we should decide is this allowed or not.
> Thanks
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