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Victor Olaya volayaf at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 11:05:40 EDT 2012

Just a quick comment that might be interesting related to that topic.

I am about to release the first version of the SEXTANTE platform for
QGIS. It contains a toolbox, a graphical modeler, script creator
(creation of new algorithms from scripts), a batch processing
interface, history, and much more. It currently supports SAGA, GRASS
and R algorithm (R scripts), and I have also added some built-in QGIS
processes (the ftools ones and the mmqgis ones). Creation of new
algorithms and new providers it is rather easy.

If you are familiar with the SEXTANTE processing framework, it is
basically the same thing, with some added new things and improvements.

I wanted to wait a bit more until it is more or less stable, but since
I see some action in the QGIS processing area, I think it is worth
mentioning it now, so you can consider it.

Anyway, for those interested, source code of the QGIS SEXTANTE plugin
is available in the SEXTANTE SVN at googlecode, and as I said, a first
version will probably be released soon. A help manual is also almost
finished, with around 40 pages describing the framework


El día 21 de marzo de 2012 15:15, Paolo Cavallini
<cavallini at faunalia.it> escribió:
> Il 21/03/2012 12:59, Alexander Bruy ha scritto:
>> So, the idea is to extend ProcessingFramework with new
>> backends, with main focus on HPGL library [0] which is
>> very handy for analysis. Also this work may include other
>> backends, for example GDAL.
>> Any opinions and comments?
> I think, the more backends the better. However, there is still some
> important work to be done on the framework itself, as Martin has pointed
> out.
> Please consider also the availability of packages for the backend for all
> major platforms, as this has proved to be a serious hindrance.
> All the best.
> --
> Paolo Cavallini
> See: http://www.faunalia.it/pc
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