[Qgis-developer] Re: import proprietary code inside a python plugin

Noli Sicad nsicad at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 03:47:26 EDT 2012

QGis (GPL) + GPL + LGPL + proprietary = illegal.

Any proprietary code added to GPL is illegal. Unless they re license
the code as LGPL.


On 3/27/12, Paolo Corti <pcorti at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 9:07 AM, G. Allegri <giohappy at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I premit that I've already chosen a solution to bypass these issues: one,
>> common library and two plugins, one for qgis and one for arcpy. The
>> plugins
>> will interact through pickling, sharing a common data structure from the
>> common library. This is the easiest solution for me to deploy (no servers
>> as
>> with iPython or RabbitMQ).
> Hi Giovanni
> as others suggested, you can not use arcpy for
> writing a QGIS plugin, if you are willing to deploy it as open source
> (ie it is not for your company internal use). QGIS plugins must be
> released as GPL.
> Are you considering to release your solution for the community? If not
> - as I think - you do not need to bother ;)
>> fTool + GDAL python bindings + ECW
> same here, if you are willing to open your code to the community.
> For the same reason GDAL packages are not built with ecw support (same
> for file gdb, arcsde ecc ecc), but you must compile it for yourself if
> you need it.
> ciao
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