[Qgis-developer] SEXTANTE for QGIS has been released

Victor Olaya volayaf at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 05:03:33 EDT 2012

>> When calling SAGA or R on linux, the path to the software is not
>> needed, since it assumes they are on PATH already. I will remove that
>> setting and the warning in case it is running on linux
> currently however it is necessary, because the paths are not found, can you
> confirm?

Sorry, I was wrong, the path is needed, because it is added then to
PATH in the batch file. The R call does not use one, since it passes
the batch process to R directly, and assumes R to be on the PATH...

> ok, please note however that an user will go to the official sextante
> website, and from there it will be directed to the bugtracker for java, so
> this wil cause confusion.
> glad you decided to open a bugtracker on hub.qgis.org, it will make things
> easier. Please let us know, I'll fill tickets there.

Yes, I have to update the official website as well... This release has
been a bit rushed :)

For now, let's use the hub.qgis.org tracker that I have just created.
By the way, I created the project but it appears not within the User
Contributed Plugins group, but outside. I cannot find the way to put
it there, but I guess it should be on that level. Otherwise it might
seem more relevant than what it really is :))


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