[Qgis-developer] Linux bug fixed in SEXTANTE release

Victor Olaya volayaf at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 11:04:25 EDT 2012

Hi all

I have uploaded a small update to fix the bug reported by some of you
when running SAGA from SEXTANTE on Linux

I added also a few minor changes and improvements

You should re-install (re-download) SEXTANTE, since I uploaded it with
the same version number and the plugin manager will not tell you that
there is a new version. Sorry for this inconvenience. Now I know how
the plugin manager and the plugins system work and from now on I will
be adding new versions the correct way :))

It is not necessary now to manually setup the SAGA folder when in
Linux. SAGA, however, has to be correctly installed in the system, so
the SAGA folder is added to PATH and the SAGA_MLB variable is set. If
you can execute saga_cmd from your console, it should be ready to be
called from SEXTANTE.

Hope this helps you test and use the software.

Regards and thanks in advance for you collaboration


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