[Qgis-developer] requesting local map tiles using qgis

mini circuit mini.circuit0001 at gmail.com
Tue May 1 00:35:53 EDT 2012

i have asked this question before but nobody replied to me;

am using c++ and qtcreator, i dont know if it is possible to get the map
tiles through qgis lib;

or shall i create my own method to get the appropriate tiles according to
zoom level x and y;

my tiles is stored locally as shown below;

*-5-(zoom level 5)*
*-->20 (x)
    -->18.png (y)
-->21 (x)
   -->18.png (y)*

*-6-(zoom level 6)*
*-->41 (x)
    -->36.png (y)
-->42 (x)
   -->36.png (y)*
*-7-* *(zoom level 7)*
*-13- **(zoom level 13)*
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