[Qgis-developer] Bye bye SPIT?

Marco Hugentobler marco.hugentobler at sourcepole.ch
Wed May 2 08:38:03 PDT 2012

>Anyway, I think we should start avoiding the "drunkman syndrome", with
>many things doubled in QGIS.

Removing SPIT is also ok for me.


Am 02.05.2012 17:28, schrieb Paolo Cavallini:
> Il 02/05/2012 17:17, Marco Hugentobler ha scritto:
>>> SPIT only needs shp2psql which is easier to get (provided with postgis)
>>    Afaik SPIT only needs libpq.so/dll (which is used by QGIS anyway).
>> It does not use shp2pgsql.
> oh, yes, you're right - it's PostGIS Manager that requires shp2pgsql,
> not SPIT.
> one of the reasons I'm not happy using SPIT is that it preserves
> UppeLowerCase of the columns, making queries more cumbersome to write.
> Anyway, I think we should start avoiding the "drunkman syndrome", with
> many things doubled in QGIS.
> All the best.

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