[Qgis-developer] Hydrological toolbox (was: plans to integrate terrain analysis tools?)

Ian Packham i.packham at ucd.ie
Fri May 4 04:15:55 PDT 2012

A similar methodology could apply to developing the related Hydrological toolbox (http://hub.qgis.org/wiki/quantum-gis/Hydrology_and_Hydraulic_modelling). I would also be interested in contributing to such a toolbox and using any available models. 

I am wary of writing plugin code (as I have started to do) when someone else may have produced or know of plugins that have useful functionality for water related modelling or, in particular, analysing and mixing GIS layers for a catchment management tool.



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Subject: [Qgis-developer] Ecological toolbox (was: plans to integrate	terrain analysis tools?)
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> Il 04/05/2012 10:57, Albin Blaschka ha scritto:
> >
> >
> > - Identify the most common operations and algorithms
> > - Find a comfortable way to distribute it (customised QGIS? toolbox?
> > separated plugins? library?)
> >
> > I think the second one could be answered with "sextante"...
> > As I am no developer, just a user, please correct me if I am
> > wrong...maybe somebody else had this idea already and/or is it just
> > plain obvious...
> IMHO it's just a matter of developing sextante models, chaining the
> commands to obtain the most common analytical workflows. Then we 
> shouldfind a way of distributing and sharing custom models 
> (ticket open).
> Ideas, and especially help, most welcome.
> All the best.
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