[Qgis-developer] Re: Loading WFS layer with multiple geometry types

Sunil Padda sunilkp at yahoo-inc.com
Mon May 7 09:08:25 PDT 2012


I guess this mail got lost among the other mails of the day. It would be 
of great help if you could help us with this.


On 25/04/12 3:12 AM, Sunil Padda wrote:
> Hi,
> We have some spatial data exposed as WFS layers using Geoserver.
> However, every layer has both Points and Polygons (and some have Lines
> too). We don't want to publish duplicated layers just to get around this
> problem. I have also seen earlier, an option in QGIS WFS plugin which
> would list the geometry types in a layer (if there is more than one),
> and let the user add 1 layer per geometry type. I want to confirm if
> this option still exists, and if there is any specific configuration
> required for this.
> When I try this now with the WFS layers I have, I am seeing only either
> Points or Polygons. The rest of the data is also fetched but not
> rendered on the map (I could see them in the attribute table). I have
> selected default style as 'Polygon' and Available Styles as 'Point,
> Polygon'.
> Any help or pointers on this issue would be of great help.
> Thanks,
> Sunil

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