[Qgis-developer] Loading WFS layer with multiple geometry types

Pulkit pgoeol at yahoo.com
Mon May 7 09:24:22 PDT 2012


We have some spatial data exposed as WFS layers using Geoserver. However, every layer has both Points and Polygons (and some have Lines too). We don't want to publish duplicated layers just to get around this problem. I have also seen earlier, an option in QGIS WFS plugin which would list the geometry types in a layer (if there is more than one), and let the user add 1 layer per geometry type. I want to confirm if this option still exists, and if there is any specific configuration required for this.

When I try this now with the WFS layers I have, I am seeing only either Points or Polygons. The rest of the data is also fetched but not rendered on the map (I could see them in the attribute table). I have selected default style as 'Polygon' and Available Styles as 'Point, Polygon'.

Any help or pointers on this issue would be of great help.

Pulkit Goel
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