[Qgis-developer] Approving plugins

Gary Sherman gsherman at geoapt.com
Thu May 10 09:03:00 PDT 2012

On May 10, 2012, at 3:25 AM, Paolo Cavallini wrote:

> Hi all.
> The approval procedure for plugins is somewhat uncertain at the moment. This is
> causing delays for users and discontent for developers. I suggest to decide one, e.g.:
> - appointing a plugin manager, who is responsible for either:
>  - approving it within (one week?)
>  - sending to another dev for inspection, or
>  - asking the original dev to improve it
> - notify automatically the user list every time a new plugin is approved.
> Any better approach?
> All the best.

I have been approving them as I have time. I also have a Python script that checks each file for questionable coding practices that I will share with those approving plugins.


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