[Qgis-developer] Trying to build qgis in Win

Anibal Alarcon anibal.alarcon at gmail.com
Mon May 14 14:04:20 PDT 2012

Hello, I'm trying to build qgis in my virtualized WinXP (with a little
change in a simple marker) and have one question and one problem... The
batch with the enviroment that both has the VC++ and the OSGeo4W variables
leave in blank PYTHONPATH is correct? And when I run the batch I get : The
system can not find the path specified
I change in python.bat the line: set
_path=SGEO4W_ROOT%\apps\Python27\Tools\Scripts because this exist but I get
the same.
Do not know if these steps are OK

I continued to cmake-gui, configure and generate and no problem. Then in vc
load (from my build) the qgis1.8.0.sln and Build... How I know if this is
OK? Then the next step is not clear for my. I must close the proyect and
open Install target (which is the file?) and build? ...

That's why I like both Debian...
any idea...


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