[Qgis-developer] Discussion on browser and file extensions

Giovanni Manghi giovanni.manghi at faunalia.pt
Tue May 22 00:10:26 PDT 2012


> I think the discussion on http://hub.qgis.org/issues/5621 deserves more general
> discussion on this ML. Opinions? Could reporters make a short resume for us?

I originally asked to avoid leave the extension while dragging and
dropping from the browser, mainly because when dropping into DB Manager
it is annoying to have to manually remove that ".shp" (example) from the
suggested table name.

On the other hand seeing the datatype in the TOC is useful and a thing
that many users have asked in the past.

Real life projects tend to be large, with many layers from many
datasources/types. Vectors are not just vectors, and rasters are not
just rasters: there are vectors that cannot be edited (lack of
permission or because gdal does not allow it), layers that cannot be
used as input by standard qgis tools (GRASS rasters), etc.

Sometimes the users have even layers with the same name but of different

So, seeing the format in the TOC is a step forward in usability, and in
the ticket were suggested a few ways to get it.


-- Giovanni --

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