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Hi, i tried to run bat file (C:\OSGeo4W\OSGeo4W.bat), close ms-dos shell and run python>>from qgis.core import *
but i receive module qgis.core doesn't found.I also tried to set PATH and PYTHONPATH environment variables ... but it doesn't work.Do you have any other suggestion?

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Hi Francesco,are you using osgeo4w? In that case I suggest you to have a look to the startup .bat files (like C:\OSGeo4W\OSGeo4W.bat), that setup the right evnironment (python pat, bin dires, etc.)

In general you have to add the various Qt and Qgis DLLs to the PATH, and configure the python paths to be able to peak the qgis modules. 

2012/5/24 francescoboccacci at libero.it <francescoboccacci at libero.it>

Hi all,

i have a problem in my Windows PC. I try to use a python script that call qgis


I tried to do :

>>from qgis.core import *

i receive ImportError: DLL load failed ....

How i have to configure my environment variables to get these modules?

I try to find some solution on web but they aren't work.




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