[Qgis-developer] Vector Layer Generalization

Alexander Bruy alexander.bruy at gmail.com
Sat May 26 01:04:30 PDT 2012

Good work

2012/5/26 Evgeniy Pashentsev <ugnpaul at gmail.com>:
> But I want to ask your advice on one thing. Is it normal for user
> to simplify all the features on a layer at once? I'm just not sure
> which way is more suitable for a regular user:
> - simplify all the features at once as it is now in my current prototype;
> - simplify selected feature and all the corresponding vertexes of
> the neighboring features;
> - or simplify only selected features;
> - or even something else.
> Although it is not very important for current work, I want to make sure
> I don't implement useless functionality.
I agree with Carson main use case is running simplification against whole
layer. Processing only selected features may be an option, and affect only
this selected features without neighbors

2012/5/26 <pcreso at pcreso.com>
> You can generate the simplified ones using a series of update SQL
> statements, based on a variety of criteria, including neighbouring (or not)
> via a ST_Distance() in the where clause.
In order to use your script users should load their data into PostGIS database.
So this is not universal solution

Alexander Bruy

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