[Qgis-developer] advise for a server

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Tue May 29 12:37:46 PDT 2012


Yes, what Alex describes should be a decent server. I would at least buy
16GB RAM or better 24GB or 32GB.

It may make sense to split the workload DB (one server) and the
app-server/file storage (another server).

The best RAID level for a PostgreSQL DB is RAID 10 and for regular file
storage probably RAID 5.

However for smaller installations everything on one server is probably
fine. An SSD for the system (and perhaps) the DB and regular hds for the

At my servers I don't have SSDs (four years ago when we bought them they
were too expensive) - however on my private notebook I have an SSD and
they are nice and fast (though still expensive).


Am 29.05.2012 13:58, schrieb Denis Rouzaud:
> Hi all,
> I will by a new server to host the postgis DB and probably qgis server.
> I will not have more than 4 people working on the DB via QGIS at the
> same time. For the server, I'll probably have something like max 10-20
> users at the same time.
> I have pretty no idea on what is important to choose as characteristics.
> My approximate budget is something around 4 to 6000 $ and I am tied with
> HP.
> Do you have any suggestion?
> Memory? Processor? As I think the storage needs are not huge, is it
> worth using a SSD?
> Thanks a lot,
> Denis
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