[Qgis-developer] Budget allocation

Tibor Arpas tibor at bidforfix.com
Sat Nov 24 01:16:49 PST 2012


> - if the issues are subprojects of qgis, donors may feel more comfortable knowing
> that it is the core team who acts as an umbrella
> - if an unreliable dev jumps out and suggests weird things, this would make things
> much more confused for potential donors
> - in case users change their mind, and is proves impossible to find replacements, the
> project could use some of its internal resources to keep the dev happy.

Yes, I agree with this approach and it's how BidforFix is envisioned
to work. qgis should be an umbrella, guaranteeing the quality of the
work and declaring the issues fixed and released (or not).

The target should have substantial margin (25%) so that even if a
couple of people decide to withdraw their bids in the last moment, or
are unreachable the rest should keep the dev happy. In general, this
is new territory so the participants should be comfortable with some
degree of uncertainty.

However, our experience shows that the atmosphere around the campain
is quite positive and boths sides usually try to do their best.

Best regards,
BidforFix author

> I think we can ask BfF people or some of other projects (e.g. OSMAnd) for advice.
> Thanks.
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