[Qgis-developer] Budget allocation

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Fri Nov 23 06:45:17 PST 2012

Il 23/11/2012 14:26, Martin Dobias ha scritto:

> Please try to be more specific about each point, otherwise there will be a lot of
> confusion what should be the result of each point. Is symbology/labeling overhaul
> just about removing old symbology/labeling? Isn't sextante integrated already?

Hi Marin,
this mine was meant as a reminder: we have discussed about these points rather
extensively in Essen. I have my ideas on several of these points, but I think there
are people better suited than me to explain in detail what has to be done.

> In my opinion this is the way how these crowdsourcing campaigns should work: I am a
> developer motivated to implement particular project, so I will create a campaign and
> hope that enough money will be raised. Other people from QGIS community (if
> interested) will help to spread the word about this campaign. If sufficient amount of
> money is raised, I will implement the feature and I get the money. If I fail to
> deliver the project, it is my failure.
> Doing it other way round (QGIS project owns the campaigns) has some disadvantages:
> - there is a question who is eligible to get money from such campaign - anyone or
> just a particular group of people?
> - it is a responsibility of a developer to accomplish the project, so for a failed
> project QGIS community may be blamed
> - the philosophy of bidforfix is that users evaulate and then pay the developer. If a
> campaign is driven by QGIS project, who decides when the project is finished? When
> the money should be sent to developer? What about the risk that some users change
> their mind and do not pay?

Yes, your approach also makes sense. I have been asked for feedback for that.
I have no special preferences, I just note a few issues with your approach:

- if the issues are subprojects of qgis, donors may feel more comfortable knowing
that it is the core team who acts as an umbrella
- if an unreliable dev jumps out and suggests weird things, this would make things
much more confused for potential donors
- in case users change their mind, and is proves impossible to find replacements, the
project could use some of its internal resources to keep the dev happy.

I think we can ask BfF people or some of other projects (e.g. OSMAnd) for advice.

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