[Qgis-developer] Get rid of Shapefiles ! Go GeoJSON !

kimaidou kimaidou at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 07:42:35 PST 2012

>  Why is spatialite seen as a "power user" option when ESRI users have
> been using something similar for years? Its just a file, you connect
> to it, you add spatial data to it.

Yes, but people are used to having one file (or set of files) per layers.
This is what I was meaning with the GeoJSON. You have only one file per

>  GeoJSON is always going to be pretty verbose unless you gzip it - I
> wouldn't want to use it for anything too big.

Why not zipping it ? We can use the new ability of QGIS to use zipped
files. I think the driver could unzip/write/zip anytime the user commit

Well, I have not said I had the ultimate solution :)  Just one big
frustration against shapefiles ...

> Barry
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