[Qgis-developer] Complex symbology: multiple classifications for different graphical variables

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Tue Nov 27 00:35:36 PST 2012


 In many of my projects I need to do several classifications for 
 different graphical variables, like fill-color, stroke-color, size, 
 orientation, etc.

 As an example I need to represesent manholes where the symbol shape 
 (SVG) is based on manhole type, the symbol stroke colors based on the 
 usage, and the size based on dimensions.

 I know that it is currently possible to reach this goal by either

 * using the rule based renderer - it would result in a lot of rules or 
 refined rules - a lot of work
 * or concatenating the three attribute values into one attribute and 
 using the unique value renderer - but this results in many, many 
 combinations. Too many classes to handle.

 So my question/suggestion:

 Can we introduce multiple parallel/simultaneous categorized 
 classifications where each attributes controls one visual variable?

 I don't know how one could display a legend then with such parallel 
 classifications ... but other than that it would be more convenient for 
 the user.

 There may also be technical issues making this impossible.

 Any thoughts on this?


 Andreas Neumann
 Böschacherstrasse 10A
 8624 Grüt (Gossau ZH)

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