[Qgis-developer] more advanced editing tools

Bernhard Ströbl bernhard.stroebl at jena.de
Thu Nov 29 04:35:14 PST 2012

Dear list,

during a course I realized that my institution needs some more editing 
tools for advanced editing tasks e.g.
- prolong a line
- cut polygon with feature (line or polygon) from another layer
- save all layers being in editing mode in one go
- some more

A little background: when digitizing data we are not starting from 
scratch but are digitzing on existing data in many different layers 
(parcels, restricted areas ...). A new polygon normally needs to fit 
into these existing boundaries. Trying to digitize along existing 
boundaries of several layers and snapping to them is cumbersome and you 
are very likely missing snapping nodes (even when using trace digitize 

Is any of you aware of similar functions in a plugin (I know cadTools)? 
Is anyone interested in joining me to create such tools as a Python 
plugin? Which functions would you like to have?



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