[Qgis-developer] Select by Location tool and other things

Pedro Venâncio pedrongvenancio at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 7 14:57:31 PDT 2013


The 1st point was already reported as a regression on this ticket: http://hub.qgis.org/issues/7528 .

I dont know if I should report this as a separated ticket. What do you think?


 From: Antonio Locandro

I was using the select by location tool today and here are my thoughts.
1st. Once it finishes the selection it gives the result in the status bar of QGIS, I think if it is succesful it should close the current window and show a pop up XX/XXX features selected, and during the performing of the operation a progress bar should be shown that way we know it is working
2nd. I saved this selection to a folder as a shapefile, the behavior I was expecting was for a pop up window or something asking if I wanted to add this layer to the QGIS or not. Instead I had to navigate to the folder where it was saved and add it.
3rd. On my laptop running windows 8 some of the popup dialogs of QGIS overrun the task bar at the lower part of the screen making it impossible to press the ok button or others.

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