[Qgis-developer] Contract for QGIS based application

Petros Apotsos petrosapotsos at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 02:54:29 PDT 2013

Dear Mr. Wood,

I am GIS Professional from Greece and would like to help with your project.
In this list you will find many experienced GIS and QGIS dev's. However,
from my point of view an underestimated aspect of GIS development is data
and system modeling. I have studied and practice UML modelling and in my
opinion it is the only way to properly document GIS (and not only) systems.

What I can do for you is the following:

If you can send me a description of your system, I can start documenting
both the state of the art and the desirable solution. If you agree, I will
do this work free of charge, but in a loose form of cooperation (I will
likely devote a few hours each week). If you like my work and think it
helped the development process, you can give me credit for that. This way I
can start building my reputation and you can (hopefully) benefit from my
documentation work.

So please tell me what you think and if you think we can work things out!


Thank you in advance,


Petros Apotsos


Rural & Surveying Engineer

Technical Chamber of Greece Registry Number 96798

Τ: 2310 220345

F: 2310 220346

Ermou 18A, Postal Code 54624

Thessaloniki, GREECE


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