[Qgis-developer] Lizmap for publishing QGIS maps on the web - new version 2.8.0

kimaidou kimaidou at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 03:31:40 PDT 2013

Hi QGIS users and devs

We have just released the new version 2.8.0 of Lizmap Web Client, and
version 1.9.0 of the related Lizmap plugin. This new versions bring some
interesting features such as full editiing capabilities in the web client
for Spatialite and PostGis layers. Below is the detailed list of changes
since last version one month ago:

* Edition tools
The annotation tool has been fully replaced by a full featured edition
tool. The QGIS project maintainer can configure available actions for the
edition layers : create feature, modifiy attributes, modify geometry,
delete feature. As before, the Lizmap Web Client admin decides which groups
of users have access to the edition for each Lizmap repository.
Detailed description here:

You can try this feature in the demo project:
The data of the edition layers is resetted each hour in this project to let
people try it.

* Log
Some user actions can now be logged : map display, user login, printing,
popup, editions. Lizmap administrator can modify a configuration file to
activate or deactive this feature per action. The Lizmap Web Client admin
panel let the admin view the log. Logs can also be emptied.
Detailed description:

* Registration form to ask for an account
Lizmap admin can activate an option in Lizmap Configuration pannel
(Services) which will add a new menu "Register". This menu item links to a
form where the visitor can fill some information and then submit his
request. The administrator will be warn by email that someone has filled up
the form, and will be able to give the user appropriate rights by putting
him into appropriates groups.

* Other improvements
- better handling of special characters in QGIS layer titles ( + - / ; ,
- Debug popup size in Google Chrome / Chromium
- active menu items are more visible
- Debug for creation of feature in PostGIS / Spatialite layers (postgresql
schemas, etc.)

* Documentation
Online documentation has been updated :

* We would like to thank
- The Artists team from CIRAD for funding the edition tool
- Andromede Océanologie for funding the log and subscription feature
- People and organizations providing help, support, bug reports, etc :
CIRAD (équipe Artists), Territoires et Paysages, INRA de St Laurent de la
Prée, Alisé Géomatique, l'ADUGA, les modérateurs de ForumSIG, Paolo
Cavallini de Faunalia, Salvatores Larrosa, etc.

* Sources
Source code is available for Lizmap Web Client, Lizmap plugin and
documentation on Github: https://github.com/3liz/
Detailed changelog from last version :

* Upgrading
If you already have an older version installed, please follow the
guidelines here
Or here because Google translate add spaces between slashes...

We hope this new version will bring new opportunities for QGIS users and
developpers for sharing Maps and re-thinking some workflows.

PS: Sorry for the use of Google translation. I have not yet taken the time
to translate the whole documentation in English. The Web interface and
plugin are fully translated in English and Italian though.


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