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yes I was referring the old one, the new looks just a leaner lest messy one but I think it will work for now. What CMS are you using? 

I got a web designer friend who I can ask to give a few pointers, but probably this would be for the next months. I cant code so I can only give suggestions, I will see if I can get some advice for the website though I think something will be needed to be done when a new logo is selected or updated the old one

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Il 12/04/2013 17:51, antoniolocandro ha scritto:
> Paolo

> my view only, and I also find the current site horrible to navigate
> and get answers, looks more designed for coders than users

Hi Antonio,
thanks for your comments; are you referring to qgis.org?
We are building an entirely different structure, based on
Of course we still have many things to fix there.
Your comments and help on this will be much appreciated.
All the best.
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