[Qgis-developer] Ideas on the SVG symbols library

Olivier Dalang olivier.dalang at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 13:03:33 PDT 2013

Hi !

My last email about SVG symbols did not get a lot of answers ;) So I try

I'm still thinking about reworking the SVG library a little bit for 2.0,
but before starting that dull work, I'd like to be sure that there's some
agreement about the best strategy.

I've two variants (illustrated by the screenshot), explained in details
below. Of course the variant 0 (doing nothing at all) also exists


Personally, I vote for variant A, excepted if alpha values work in variant



*Variant A*
- Remove the backgrounds from every symbol.
- Add the fill, outline, and outline-width params to every symbol.
- Make all symbols initial size the same.
- Add some new SVG backgrounds

Pros :
- very flexible (add, combine, ...)

Cons :
- slightly more complex for beginners
- old project files won't look the same (the icons won't have a background)

*Variant B*
- Add the fill and outline params to every symbol, having the outline param
actually apply to the background.

Pros :
- almost the same than today (so no changes for old projects files and
nothing new to learn)

Cons :
- Its seems a bit wrong to use an "outline" color param, to set a
backgorund color.

Questions :
- Would it be possible to have alpha values in the color selector ? So you
could choose to have a transparent background, and get almost all benefits
of variant A. (I don't know the way the SVG symbols work in the code enough
to try that)

*Variant A&B*
- Run SVG cleaner on all symbols (not sure if there's any benefit, but it's
not much work)
- Remove some word 95 looking symbols (golf flag, backpacker, ... )
- Remove some duplicate icons (same icons with different colors, ...)
- Reorganize some icons ("Symbol" fold is not a very explicit name)

Questions :
- Are the GPS icons part of some kind of standard ? Or is it OK to
remove/reorganize those as well ?
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