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Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Fri Apr 12 23:50:19 PDT 2013

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Il 13/04/2013 04:15, Antonio Locandro ha scritto:

> 1. To move the Go button to the same line as the search bar, making
> the bar a bit smaller, you may replace the GO with a loupe maybe, I
> believe you may just eliminate "Enter search terms or a module,
> class or function name." as the search bar is self explaining 2. To
> add a footer to the main template, you can use this part to add 
> some information such as Contact Us, Copyright etc. 3. Above the
> footer or in it you may add social media buttons for facebook and
> twitter, I believe you use those platforms 4.  Maybe a slider of
> images that showcase some screenshots just like some commercial
> sites have, just to enhance visually the design and make it more
> pleasant

Hi Antonio,
thanks for your suggestions. We are now concentrating on contents,
styling will be next step. Please stay tuned, and keep on helping.
All the best

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