[Qgis-developer] Icon theme update

Larry Shaffer larrys at dakotacarto.com
Mon Apr 15 17:42:10 PDT 2013


So, I've pushed a large update to master that condenses down the default
icon theme by overriding it with the gis theme (the theme voted to be the
replacement). I apologize if the change is abrupt, but it needed done with
enough time to edit/fix things before 2.0 release.

I did this in the following manner:

1) Copied the gis theme over the default theme. Any files of same name were
replaced, missing files added. The was done for plugins that also managed
icon sets per theme (grass, georeferencer and ftools).

The state of previous icon theme sets and directory structure are preserved
as a download here [0] (saves switching local or browsing online git repo
to find replaced/removed ones). These can be added back to source
directory, for reference, or not.

2) Updated all appropriate .qrc and .ui files that referenced old theme

3) Switched some icons to improve consistency (mostly to + and - icons for
table widget row editing)

4) Proofed every dialog I could think of, though I'm sure I missed
something. This was from both running from build directory and from
installed app on Mac.

5) Added some code to ensure any old saved theme choice now goes to
default. No theme support code was removed.

6) Updated CMakeList.txt files to ensure SVGs are also copied on install.

Where to go from here:

* Please, let me know if I made a mistake somewhere.

* We now have a single set of icons on which to work and update. Icons
should be updated, especially those that don't match current theme.

* Moving to SVG can be aided by leaving the getThemeIcon/Pixmap calls and
referencing the file by base name, without extension, e.g.
QgsApplication::getThemePixmap( "pie-chart" ). When using this technique,
as soon as a .png is replaced with a .svg in a .qrc resource file, it is
auto-found, without having to edit anymore code. Let me know if this
approach should be used.

[0] http://drive.dakotacarto.com/qgis/QGIS-images_pre-gis-theme-switch.zip


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