[Qgis-developer] Icon theme update

Noli Sicad nsicad at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 18:00:50 PDT 2013

Hi Larry,

What is the summary of this posting?

Does mean that we can use themes in QGIS 2.0?

I like to revive my nkids theme for QGIS 2.0 as option for Mac OS X
QGIS, is this possible?



On 4/16/13, Larry Shaffer <larrys at dakotacarto.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> So, I've pushed a large update to master that condenses down the default
> icon theme by overriding it with the gis theme (the theme voted to be the
> replacement). I apologize if the change is abrupt, but it needed done with
> enough time to edit/fix things before 2.0 release.
> I did this in the following manner:
> 1) Copied the gis theme over the default theme. Any files of same name were
> replaced, missing files added. The was done for plugins that also managed
> icon sets per theme (grass, georeferencer and ftools).
> The state of previous icon theme sets and directory structure are preserved
> as a download here [0] (saves switching local or browsing online git repo
> to find replaced/removed ones). These can be added back to source
> directory, for reference, or not.
> 2) Updated all appropriate .qrc and .ui files that referenced old theme
> paths.
> 3) Switched some icons to improve consistency (mostly to + and - icons for
> table widget row editing)
> 4) Proofed every dialog I could think of, though I'm sure I missed
> something. This was from both running from build directory and from
> installed app on Mac.
> 5) Added some code to ensure any old saved theme choice now goes to
> default. No theme support code was removed.
> 6) Updated CMakeList.txt files to ensure SVGs are also copied on install.
> Where to go from here:
> * Please, let me know if I made a mistake somewhere.
> * We now have a single set of icons on which to work and update. Icons
> should be updated, especially those that don't match current theme.
> * Moving to SVG can be aided by leaving the getThemeIcon/Pixmap calls and
> referencing the file by base name, without extension, e.g.
> QgsApplication::getThemePixmap( "pie-chart" ). When using this technique,
> as soon as a .png is replaced with a .svg in a .qrc resource file, it is
> auto-found, without having to edit anymore code. Let me know if this
> approach should be used.
> [0] http://drive.dakotacarto.com/qgis/QGIS-images_pre-gis-theme-switch.zip
> Regards,
> Larry

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