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Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Tue Apr 16 04:08:44 PDT 2013

 Hi Barry,

 The use case of generating reports should not require running QGIS 
 server. I think that QGIS desktop should first offer such functionality 
 that maybe later on could be exposed in QGIS server as well.

 Did you look at the Atlas serial printing functionality that was 
 introduced in QGIS master? You can iterate over either map sheets or 
 features. It may already cover the basics of your reporting needs. 
 Combined with the ability to include web-frames and tables in a layout 
 and to use expressions and attribute fields in text labels should be a 
 good foundation of a reporting system in QGIS.

 We in Uster, as well as other Swiss QGIS users have a strong interest 
 in such reporting functionality. Are you coming to the QGIS hackfest in 
 Brighton in September? It may be a good place/time to discuss such a 
 reporting system.

 If you need stuff much earlier - maybe you should talk to Oslandia, the 
 current maintainers of the Atlas serial printing. They did paid work for 
 us in the past and I can recommend them. Of course others could work on 
 that as well, e.g. Sourcepole.

 Whatever you decide about this reporting - please keep me or this 
 mailinglist in the loop, because I think this topic is of general 


 On Tue, 16 Apr 2013 09:02:49 +0100, Barry Rowlingson wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 6:55 AM, Marco Hugentobler
> <marco.hugentobler at sourcepole.ch> wrote:
>> Hi Barry
>> You can use the QGIS cloud plugin to publish web maps without having
>> apache / fcgi server installed on the local machine.
>  That's just adding a bit more complexity again...
>  I think the best solution to my use case would be to find a very
> lightweight web-fcgi server (I think they exist) and to run that with
> the qgis fcgi server backending it. Then I can be editing my project
> in qgis, saving, then doing WMS queries from another application via
> that server. I was originally hoping the WMS queries could go 
> straight
> to my running desktop QGIS, which would save having to run two
> instances of QGIS at once.
>  My use-case is that of auto-generating map images into report files,
> dynamically based on data. There are report-writing systems for R and
> Python that allow embedding of code and graphics created by the code
> (see knitr, Pweave). I want to be able to put qgis map images in my
> report such that if I get new data I can just re-process the report
> and get an updated PDF out.
>  another way may be to embed a qgis standalone instance in python 
> code
> in the document which creates a qgis map canvas and renders an image
> from that...
> Barry
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