[Qgis-developer] Icon theme update

AntonioLocandro antoniolocandro at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 16 08:37:39 PDT 2013

My views

PAN: the current icon seems more that it will move a feature not pan, I vote
for the hand, that is what the cursor shows anyway 

PAN TO SELECTION: This should really be a right click action not a separate
icon. You would select the feature using the selection tool then right click
(list of actions) pan to selected. This can also be added to the layer menu,
currently it has zoom to layer extent, would it be too difficult to add also
Pan to selection or Zoom to selection

ROTATION: I would say just use the big rotation icon most software have (the
same as rotate point symbol icon), its easy that way to identify the tool
fast. Does anybody know why there is a separate Rotate point symbol icon

ADD Vector, Database, etc icons: I think it was discussed somewhere that
having a single dialog box that address all of them would be considered, to
much space taken up by each case

HELP icon: Do we really need a dedicated icon (lifesaver), the menu on the
top is really pretty much accessible and F1 is pretty universal, this icon
only takes space

In the project menu (don't know how you call the toolbars), I would add
What's this? icon eliminating the help toolbar and in this same project menu
I would add the Add data/raster/etc new dialog if it was changed leaving the
new shapefile, remove layer icons

Touch Zoom and Pan icon I really don't understand its function

Zoom Full extent : Not feeling it

Zoom to Layer extent is already a right click action on the layer which I
believe is more appropriate way of doing it, I would remove this icon to
save space, the same for Zoom to native pixel resolution (I believe this
would apply only to rasters so this icon should be eliminated and just be
present as a right click action on the menu for raster layers

Agree on Zoom last, Zoom next

On the label toolbar, I would just change the rotate label one a bit,
eliminate the square and make the rotation arrow stand out

On the edit toolbar, the arrow in the move feature I would use the classic
move arrow, the current one is more associated with nudge, for the node tool
I would suggest something more similar to Inkscape

I would also have the zoom and selection on the same toolbar

On another note, can the tool bar have names on the top when undocked and
can we close them using a (x) on the corner? That way I could have reference
the toolbars in a better way

Sorry for all my comments

vinayan wrote
> Hi,
> Any discussions on colors,icons etc always generate a lot of heat. I hope
> I am not being offensive to anyone here.
> Personally, I liked the old classic theme and would prefer it to have as
> an alternate option. Anyway, putting my disappointment aside, I have
> started getting accustomed to the new theme. Here are my thoughts/comments
> about some icons from 'gis' theme.
>  - pan map, pan map to selection - most apps associate 'hand' icon to
> pan..so first time qgis users(having already used other graphics apps)
> would find it handy..
>  - rotate feature(s) - both icons(classic and gis) are poor. In the gis
> icon, the rotation part near the corner is too small to see. Classic icon
> was contributed by me..no comments ;)
>  - move feature(s) - most apps have icons similar to the classic theme
>  - zoom last, zoom next - The left and right arrows are better inside the
> magnifying glass as in the classic theme. Also I like how the handles of
> glasses in classic theme are symmetrically placed about y-axis making the
> two icons complementary
>  - Node Tool - very complicated icon in gis theme..only a single point is
> shown. If multiple vertices were present in icon, it would be better
>  - All Icons in the add layer toolbar - the icons are good..it would be
> great if some bright colors can be used for all these icons instead of the
> lighter grey for better distinguishing 
> hope others come up with better suggestions to make the 'gis' theme
> better.
> Thanks
> Vinayan

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