[Qgis-developer] wrong transformation of project on qgis 1.9.0

Andrea Peri aperi2007 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 14:41:37 PDT 2013


I have a 1.8.0 qgis project and try to open with the new qgis-dev version
of qgis.
To see how much compatible it will be with the next released version of
Unfortunately I see it is pretty drammatically unusable.

Infact In the "old" project I have many projects where often the layers are
rendered with a "unique value" style of old symbology.

The reason to have used the unique value rendering is that it allow the
usage of the empty value as a conditional "all the other values".
And this is a "must" in the rendering in our usages.

But when I tryed to load this project with the new qgis dev I see that it
change from the "unique value" to the "categorized" style.
What a wrong choice !
Infact it don't allow the use of empty as "all the other" but use the empty
as only "empty" value :)

So I see all our objects simply disappeared from our project.

I guess when import from 1.8.0
qgis should use the unique value for the old unique value style.

And I guess this is a really blocking issue because
actually the qgis is "heavily" changing the qgis 1.8.0 project.



Andrea Peri
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