[Qgis-developer] Does Sextante Field Calculator support all functions of attribute table field calc?

Alexander Bruy alexander.bruy at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 00:21:18 PDT 2013

Hi Anita,

Field calculator in SEXTANTE is very simple calculator based on
Python eval() function. So it allows only basic math with native
data types and some string operations (like concatenation).

Seems we need to improve it and add QgsExpression support.

BTW, there is also Advanced Field Calculator that should allow
calculate area and perform much more complex calculations

On Wed, 17 Apr 2013 22:42:05 +0200
"Anita Graser" <anitagraser at gmx.at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a polygon layer with an "area" field and want to calculate $area /  
> "area". This works well in attribute table field calculator.
> If I try to use Sextante Field Calculator, the resulting field contains  
> only NULL values. Is this supposed to work? Is this a bug you can confirm?
> Best wishes,
> Anita

Alexander Bruy

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