[Qgis-developer] Updating core plugins

Victor Olaya volayaf at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 03:49:11 PDT 2013

I didn't know about that qgis2 folder, but sounds like a good thing,
and will solve the main problem that I was worried about.

Once 2.0 is out, I can release new versions of SEXTANTE, and also
release them when a new QGIS version is released, so people using a
non-core version (a version that is not the one that comes with QGIS)
can also update.

It seems that you have been thinking about this already, so I guess
that it will not be hard to keep a separate release schedule in case
there are new features in SEXTANTE that would be good to publish
without waiting for a new QGIS release.

Great work Borys! Seems that the early morning trips while at the
Hackfest really worked out ;-)


2013/4/22 Borys Jurgiel <lists at borysjurgiel.pl>:
> Dnia niedziela, 21 kwietnia 2013 o 23:24:49 Victor Olaya napisał(a):
>> Hi all
>> Having SEXTANTE as a core plugin in QGIS is really great, but I am
>> worried about how that will affect users when 2.0 is released. My two
>> main concerns are:
>> - People currently using SEXTANTE as a non-core plugin will have 2
>> versions of SEXTANTE installed when they install 2.0. This is likely
>> to cause strange behaviour, and, as some users have reported on the
>> mailing list, it seems that the non-core plugin (in this case, the
>> older version), will override the other one. Not a nice thing... The
>> solution is to manually uninstall it, but that is going to cause a lot
>> of confusion...
> Yes, non-core plugin overrides the core one (just because of the Python path
> order), so the only thing you can do is to make the core SEXTANTE version
> higher - at least QGIS will warn about the override and suggest manual
> uninstall.
> But we use the new .qgis2 directory, so I guess we just should tell users to
> not copy the .qgis to .qgis2 thoughtlessly...
> In addition, we could prevent QGIS 2.0 from loading uncompatible plugins. The
> repository and the installer assume, that plugins with qgisMinimumVersion==1.x
> are only compatible with 1.x unless it's strictly set by an optional tag
> qgisMaximumVersion (>= 2.0). The same behaviour could be implemented for
> loading plugins.
>> - I have a few features that will not be ready for 2.0, but I would
>> like to release them later, just releasing a new versino of SEXTATE
>> independently. However, I think that core plugins cannot be updated.
>> Installing the new one separately will cause two version to be
>> installed...
> Exactly, the base version in core and updates in user directory. The problem
> will be when you release a new version with QGIS 2.1, the updates for 2.0 will
> override the new version. But we can improve the override detection procedure
> for 2.1 (for example, the installer could uninstall the overriding version
> instead of only warning)
>> Any ideas on that? I see that the easiest solution would be to have
>> something in the plugin manager that, in case of having two versions
>> of a plugin, would use just the most recent one.
> Or uninstall the overriding plugin, if older. It would be probably more
> elegant solution...
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Victor
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