[Qgis-developer] Atlas and overview issues?

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Mon Apr 22 23:36:54 PDT 2013

 Hi Paolo,

 I would say 1) and 3) are just missing features. The client that paid 
 for the overview map feature did not request what you want. They just 
 had the overview map at full extent (that is what maybe 90% of users are 
 doing) and did not want to zoom in and auto-center. 2) may be a bug. 
 Could you open a bug request?

 regarding 3) will only work for polygon features - but Atlas also works 
 with lines or points. So it needs special casing for polygons. A missing 
 feature that you can ask Oslandia to implement. You will have to specify 
 if you want this feature on the main map or the overview map or both.


 On Tue, 23 Apr 2013 08:09:13 +0200, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
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> Hi all.
> I have tested in depth the Atlas and overview functions, and come out
> with a few issues:
> * an overview map is not autocentered, so if it does not cover the
> whole area, the
> overview does not appear on most prints: a known limitation, or am I
> missing an option?
> * feature filtering does not appear to be working with $rownum:
> again, a known
> limitation, or am I missing an option?
> * it would be good (and used in other software) to put a transparency
> outside the
> selected feature for each map: I remember this has been discussed on
> the ML, but I do
> not know what is the fate of this functions: is there and I did not
> find it, or is it
> something that has still to be developed? Any roadmap for this?
> All the best.
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