[Qgis-developer] Atlas and overview issues?

Vincent Picavet vincent.ml at oslandia.com
Tue Apr 23 10:25:53 PDT 2013


> I have tested in depth the Atlas and overview functions, and come out with
> a few issues: 
> * an overview map is not autocentered, so if it does not
> cover the whole area, the overview does not appear on most prints: a known
> limitation, or am I missing an option? 
As Andreas said, this is expected behaviour, as usually the overview map 
contains the full extent.

> * feature filtering does not appear
> to be working with $rownum: again, a known limitation, or am I missing an
> option?
Could be a bug indeed.

> * it would be good (and used in other software) to put a transparency
> outside the selected feature for each map: I remember this has been
> discussed on the ML, but I do not know what is the fate of this functions:
> is there and I did not find it, or is it something that has still to be
> developed? Any roadmap for this?
We discussed that already, and it is not an easy task. The trouble is with 
labels, which would appear anyway even if a mask (or transparency) is outside 
of current feature.
Some other are interested in this feature, so we can discuss about its 
implementation. Feel free to open a feature request issue as to gather user 
needs on that point. 
Among them :
* mask out all but coverage, labels included
* alternatively, make it transparent
* only display current coverage, not the others


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