[Qgis-developer] The new installer

Borys Jurgiel lists at borysjurgiel.pl
Mon Apr 29 15:50:44 PDT 2013


Is the GUI & API freeze still planned for tomorrow or postponed? I won't finish 
the manager tomorrow. I need a few days more (one week is safe), but 
unfortunately I have to leave from Wednesday until next Tuesday, so I could 
finish it for May 15 (I'll try faster of course)... 


1. Maximal: If the freeze is postponed, tomorrow I'm trying to do as much as 
possible and in the evening I write a report and publish the unfinished branch.

2. Minimal: I only make necessary updates to the old Installer (just a few 
fast fixes) and completely postone the new one to 2.1.

3. Intermediate: I don't invest time into the full option, instead I try to 
only embed the old installer into the new manager window. They will exist on 
separate tabs without functional and visual merge. Hopefully it should be 
feasible to implement tomorrow (still not so trivial thought).

The advantage of the third option is althought it's not the final merge, QGIS 
2.0 would have only one window for installing and managing plugins. The 
confusing separate menu entry would be gone. But of course still we would have 
one tab for enabling/disabling, and separate one for installing/upgrading, 
what is messy. I believe we should have one tab for all activities on 
installed plugins (enabling/disabling, upgrading, uninstalling) and a second 
for installing new stuff. Of course it requires much deeper integration.

What do you think about the options?

PS. An actual screenshot: http://tmp.borysjurgiel.pl/manager1.png (the 
metadata browser will be better formatted and more rich of course)

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