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Denis Rouzaud denis.rouzaud at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 22:19:28 PDT 2013


On 04/30/2013 12:50 AM, Borys Jurgiel wrote:
> Hi,
> Is the GUI & API freeze still planned for tomorrow or postponed? I won't finish
> the manager tomorrow. I need a few days more (one week is safe), but
> unfortunately I have to leave from Wednesday until next Tuesday, so I could
> finish it for May 15 (I'll try faster of course)...
> Options:
> 1. Maximal: If the freeze is postponed, tomorrow I'm trying to do as much as
> possible and in the evening I write a report and publish the unfinished branch.
> 2. Minimal: I only make necessary updates to the old Installer (just a few
> fast fixes) and completely postone the new one to 2.1.
> 3. Intermediate: I don't invest time into the full option, instead I try to
> only embed the old installer into the new manager window. They will exist on
> separate tabs without functional and visual merge. Hopefully it should be
> feasible to implement tomorrow (still not so trivial thought).
> The advantage of the third option is althought it's not the final merge, QGIS
> 2.0 would have only one window for installing and managing plugins. The
> confusing separate menu entry would be gone. But of course still we would have
> one tab for enabling/disabling, and separate one for installing/upgrading,
> what is messy. I believe we should have one tab for all activities on
> installed plugins (enabling/disabling, upgrading, uninstalling) and a second
> for installing new stuff. Of course it requires much deeper integration.
> What do you think about the options?
> PS. An actual screenshot: http://tmp.borysjurgiel.pl/manager1.png (the
> metadata browser will be better formatted and more rich of course)
It looks great! I think the wait is worth it!

Do you think it could be interesting to integrate this also in the 
settings dialog? If the left panel can be integrated as a tree widget 
item in the panel of the settings dialog (as I just proposed for the 
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