[Qgis-developer] [Qgis-user] Shortcut changes in QGIS; call for opinions

A Huarte ahuarte47 at yahoo.es
Sun Dec 1 15:30:00 PST 2013

Hi, in QGIS for windows you can select more than one layer (to remove) with the Ctrl key pressed in TOC, this is not possible on other platforms?

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>Dnia piątek, 29 listopada 2013 10:18:26 Andreas Neumann pisze:
>> As long as we don't have an undo option I would like to have the
>> confirmation question always when removing one or more layers. It is not
>> something that people do all the time, so it wouldn't be annoying. 
>It seems there are at least two opposite approaches in the TOC usage. When you 
>do any kind of data processing, you have billions of intermediate layers you 
>have to remove one by one, and it doesn't hurt you if you remove too much, as 
>you don't care about their style. Furthermore, then you have to remove them 
>all from disk and it also isn't especially dangerous if you only use 
>reasonable versioning and backups. Also I guess every admin spending her/his 
>days on browsing and fixing countless layers from her/his users might agree 
>with me.
>But you're right, I didn't consider your point of view, and seems that one is 
>definitely more popular. For the non-confirmation variant, I can see two 
>1. We already have a number of actions without default shortcut. Maybe we 
>could create an action that is neither placed in any menu/toolbar nor assigned 
>to any shortcut by default. Just waiting to be connected to a custom shortcut 
>if anybody wants it.
>2. If we don't want to make such "orphan" actions, let's drop it. I'll write a 
>supersimple plugin for adding non-standard actions and release it if anyone 
>> I
>> also accidentally removed layers with right-click and there was no
>> confirmation that stopped me. So I would prefer to have the confirmation
>> when removing layers in all cases.
>> Andreas
>> Am 29.11.2013 07:56, schrieb Richard Duivenvoorde:
>> > On 28-11-13 23:19, Nathan Woodrow wrote:
>> >> Given that adding/removing a complex layer can be expensive and there is
>> >> no undo I would suggest to have a single key shortcut (D) with confirm
>> >> and a modified one without (Ctrl-D).  You want to avoid the user doing
>> >> something dangerous and in this case that is removing a layer layer
>> >> without undo.
>> > 
>> > Personally I do not like to add more then one key for the same action,
>> > keep stuff simple.
>> > 
>> > Although we could make confirmation an option, the number of options in
>> > the options dialogs are also growing and growing. I've already a lot of
>> > options to tweak for a new user to make it the best way for him/her.
>> > 
>> > If we do a a first time dialog with a 'do not ask me anymore', that is
>> > nice, BUT it means that we have to put a way to undo that somewhere in a
>> > dialog/option too (while the logic code actually is easy: just an extra
>> > if/flag).
>> > 
>> > Let's keep the interface as simple/logical/friendly as possible
>> > especially for non power users.
>> > 
>> > Could we maybe create some poweruser options list (like gnome-settings
>> > or :config in firefox). In which we put this kind of flags?
>> > So no cluttering of the interface with 'do not ask' actions or more
>> > options in the options dialogs. But only a list of configs which you
>> > could use.
>> > Which in practice would actually be a Qtable with filter for QSettings
>> > of QGIS, in my case: ~/.config/QGIS/QGIS2.conf
>> > 
>> > Regards,
>> > 
>> > Richard Duivenvoorde
>> > 
>> > ps Borys: we should not be afraid of some regression if it makes QGIS
>> > better in general :-)
>> > 
>> > 
>> > 
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