[Qgis-developer] About diagram palettes

Jorge Tornero - Listas jtorlistas at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 23:39:53 PST 2013

Dear all (again)

Also I've trying to speed up diagram creation. I have a bunch of layers 
with the same fields (rigth now it's difficult to have a single layer 
and filter it) where I want to display diagrams.

I have to set each individual color in each layer. Maybe it would be 
nice to have a way of saving the diagram style, so it is loadable like 
layer style, but now i'm just thinking about have a set of colors easily 
accesible, like color picker *custom colors*

The problem is that AFAIK I can't remove colors from inside *custom 
colors* nor define a new "palette", so my current custom color palette 
is useless.

Is there a method to accomplish this? Where does QGIS store palettes  
(to try to remove/create manually)?

Thanks in advance

Jorge Tornero
Instituto Español de Oceanografía
Centro Oceanográfico de Cádiz
Cádiz, Spain

Personal web http://imasdemase.com
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