[Qgis-developer] How to Use QgsSvgCache

SSchmidt at gfi-gis.de SSchmidt at gfi-gis.de
Thu Dec 12 00:03:25 PST 2013


I have a SVG-File in my Ressource-file and want to use it as Symbol for a 
VectorLayer. Is there an ability to load it in the QgsSvgCache and access 
it from there? 
I've tried it directly but this didn't worked in c++:

QString name=
                        QgsSvgMarkerSymbolLayerV2* p_svgSymbolLayer(0);
                        p_svgSymbolLayer= new 
QgsSvgMarkerSymbolLayerV2(name, DEFAULT_SVGMARKER_SIZE, 

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