[Qgis-developer] Infrastructure for plugin settings

Alexander Bruy alexander.bruy at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 05:15:09 PDT 2013

Hi Victor,

2013/9/2 Victor Olaya <volayaf at gmail.com>:
> My idea is to have some core functionality that plugins can use to
> register their config parameters, so plugin developers do not have to
> worry about creating a UI for that, but just read the parameter values
> when needed. All settings for all available plugins would be handled
> from a single dialog, similar to the "options" one that is used for
> core QGIS settings.
> Any thoughts on this? Does something like this exists, or do you think
> it is a good idea to work on it?

Sounds interesting, but I'm not sure if this applicable for all plugins.
I agree that some settings, that changed infrequently, can be edited from
single dialog. But many settings edited often, especially  ones that affects
output, so hiding them in another dialog than plugin itself is not good and
user-friendly. For example, plugin has settings called "Tolerance", if we put
it under another dialog, user should open this dialog and change setting each
time when different tolerance needed. But when this setting available directly
from plugin it is much easier to change it, compare result and find correct
tolerance value. Same with many other settings.

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