[Qgis-developer] Infrastructure for plugin settings

Matthias Kuhn matthias.kuhn at gmx.ch
Thu Sep 5 00:53:48 PDT 2013


Other applications have unified setting centers like firefox when you 
enter about:config in the URL bar. But this is in addition to the 
settings dialog(s) which is/are still offered. Are you thinking about 
something like this? A simple config value editor, like regedit?

Or is the aim of this project a unified config dialog, where plugins 
register their own tab (or list entry or whatsoever)? In this case, 
would it be a new dialog "Plugin Options" which would act as container 
for all options? Or opening up the "Options" dialog for registering 
additional tabs? IMO the first one has the drawback of brandmarking 
plugins as 3rd-party, not fully integrated, while the second one has 
the drawback/risk of cluttering this dialog.

Talking about this, I recently did a similar thing for the vector layer 
properties (add the possibility to add a new tab for plugins. POC 
implemented in form of layer specific globe settings, not yet merged)


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