[Qgis-developer] Ticket cleanup after 2.0 release

Giovanni Manghi giovanni.manghi at faunalia.pt
Mon Sep 9 06:15:50 PDT 2013

> Hi Pirming,
> thanks for raising the issue. I'd be a bit careful about autoclosing. Tickets are a
> huge source of knowledge about the program, often are opened as placeholder not to
> forget missing function that we'll deal with, sooner or later, etc.
> Besides that, users will sometimes take this as impolite, or think that we are trying
> to hide problems, and refrain from getting involved with the project.
> Me and Giovanni Manghi have dealt with (and opened[0]) many hundreds of tickets, and
> I think nothing can replace careful consideration.
> Having said that, I agree that if a ticket has no feedback for weeks, and is probably
> a local issue, is better be closed.
> Please do some careful simulation, checking the likely results, before acting.
> This is by no means a secondary issue, as it involves our public image, and the
> relations with our community

I agree with Paolo,

please do not close tickets automatically... yet.

Let me work on the queue during the HF, I'm sure that many features
requests tickets can be closed.

I know well the bug queue and I'm not so sure that there are many
tickets that can be closed, most of them are real issue. Eventually I
can make a report and we can discuss what to do.


-- G --

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