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Manoj manojateli at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 00:05:53 PST 2014

Hello All,

unable to post from original id, so trying my luck with another.

I need a suggestion to implement a workflow in QGIS.

Requirement is that edits are not visible to other user until field work is
over which means edits for a user is stored in temp table or in the same
table differentiated by a attribute.

So say I have road layer which is visible to all.

Any user work on road layer, their edits are stored in road_temp table.
Only owner user is allowed to see the new edits. The entry in db is having
user’s job id to find out.

Once he marks the job completion then others can also see.

So how I can make QGIS to show a combined view of two tables based on the
job opened or just existing +job data  if stored in a same table?

For example-

Existing data is – A, B, C, D

User A-  Job1- Created – E, Deleted C

So he his map showing- A,B, D, E

UserB comes- He still sees A, B, C, D.

He created another job- and added F.
So userB in his map viewing- A,B, C, D, F

User A- marked his job to complete.

Now UserB  in his map should see- A,B, D,E, F

Or which library is rendering the feature by getting from db (postGIS or

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